Skeptic Productions CU campus premiere of "Gawn Git Suum Wit Us," Free and Open to public.

“Gawn Git Suum Wit Us” Event Information

Date: Thursday‚ December 2nd
Venue: Atlas 100 (CU Campus)
Time: doors 7pm, begins 7:30
Tickets: Free and open to public

Our Mission

Look closer. Look at the frame. Question everything in it. Skeptic Films is dedicated to promoting the idea of the frame with a purpose. Every piece created is designed for the eye that thirsts for visual stimulation. Drawing from ancient and contemporary arts beyond film, we are focused on readjusting the eye to create new movement and style when studying known subjects. Be it in documentary, narrative or other media, Skeptic Films is dedicated to promoting impassioned cinematography with allusive stories that embody the spirit of the camera and subject relationship.

Skeptic Productions

Gawn Git Suum Wit Us

A full length ski and snowboard feature shot on location at Breckenridge, Keystone, Echo, Eclipse, Wolfe Creek, Whistler, Minnesota, Ischgl Switzerland, Stubaier glacier Austria, Nebraska (thats right), and a street near you. The film features athletes hailing from all areas of the States, brought together here in Boulder at the hub of skiing and snowboarding, by the one thing that we love, snow.

Untitled Rap Documentary

Guerilla documentary featuring local, Colorado born rap artists Chapelle and Bishop with Kil Entertainment, following the beginnings of their careers and efforts to develop an authentic style.

Nebraska Farm Experience

Film is one of the only mediums that allows us to bend time and view life in a way that is impossible from the human eye. Slow motion and Time-lapse photography allow objects that were once motionless to the human eye to transform from lifeless objects into living entities. With these filmic techniques and four summers on a large scale agricultural farm in Potter, NE, the Nebraska Farm Experience condenses a years worth of work into a 7 minute journey that explores the vast inner-workings of where your food comes from.

Untitled Italian American Documentary

Documentary film observing the lives of three generations of Italian immigrants under one roof. It compares the experiences of previous generations and the efforts to maintain the culture from abroad, by the youngest generation.

To schedule with Skeptic Productions please contact Mara Tasker.